A massively multiplayer online game for iPhone/iPad. Enter the world of Everpythe, where players harness the powers of fantastic creatures to compete against each other and for control of the world. Beautiful fantasy art and simple gameplay, with the potential for complex strategy, promise an enjoyable experience for gamers and casual tappers alike.
Brockenhaus Studio

Retro Requiem Review

Retro Requiem is a game review site for old and new games, and they wrote up a great, detailed review of Hatcher this week. Check it out here: http://www.retrorequiem.com/hatcher-review-free-unique-strategy/

Hatcher is live!

The game has been up on the App Store for close to 2 days now, and we’ve got just over 400 downloads. We’re really excited that Hatcher is taking off! Check out the Games tab for the download link, or search ‘Hatcher’ on the App Store.  

This weekend we’re also reviewing the Kickstarter survey responses so we can order the pledge rewards. 


We submitted Hatcher to the App Store for review and it has been accepted! We’re preparing our servers for launch, so get ready to download the game in the next week.

Our Kickstarter was also a success, and we are getting the rewards ready for all of the generous people who pledged! Some of the rewards are Hatcher T-shirts, phone and laptop skins, as well as  in-game rewards.  We’re really excited to get these to our fans, and to get the game up and ready for download!

Game Muse

Game Muse has done a wonderful interview about our game to try and rally up some Kickstarter funds in our last few days.. although things aren’t looking too great in the way of funding, we’re very excited to say that Hatcher is, for now, ready to submit to the App Store! If all goes well, look for us in the next few weeks! 

Project Status ~

As our Kickstarter is now live and running, we’re finishing up the last aspects of the game, so we can submit Hatcher to the App Store as soon as possible. Our goal is to have the game out by May. Some of the things we’re working on are adjusting player spawn locations when a new player is formed and spawns a city, or when a player gets taken over at their city location and has to respawn somewhere else. Another thing we’re preparing to do is the shop page, where player can use the ingame currency to purchase resource boosts for the week and other advantages! 

Also, as our Kickstarter page is officially up you can now check it out and support our project!

Hatcher on Kickstarter!



Our Kickstarter page is officially up. Check it out and support our project! 

Hatcher on Kickstarter!

Twitter ~

We got a Twitter page up and running- 24 followers and counting (:

Hatcher on Twitter!

Shards ~

To win a ‘season’ of Hatcher, these five Shards (gem like eggs representing each land type) have to be found, and then defended by a Guild (or single player). In order to discover these Shards, players must explore the highest levels of land. Once a Shard is found, a world message is broadcast giving the location of the player with the ‘Golden Shard’, for example. It’s then up to that player to defend his Shard while he continues to search for the others! Our beta testing phase has been won by the Guild Hyrule!

Daily Sun ~

Last week we met with Bowdoin Daily Sun’s assistant director of communications for news content, Rebecca Goldfine. We described our game and creation process to her and Rebecca produced this article about our project! 

Bowdoin Daily Sun Article

This weekend I was able to finish drawing the legendary creatures, the last two of which are posted above: Nidhogg, the golden plains dragon, and Leviathan, the firelands tortoise!